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"in large friendly letters" (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
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Welcome to the Don't Panic! project
What is Don't Panic for?
Don't want to get busted by your boss or your teacher playing Solitaire, chatting or surfing the web? Close (hide or minimize) and open multiple programs with the click of a button. So you won't have to panic anymore...
How much does Don't Panic cost?
Don't Panic! an open-source software, which means not only it is free, but you also have access to its code so you can see how it works under the hood.

For daily updates feel free to visit:

And if you've been helped by Don't Panic and what to return the favor you can donate any amount of money using PayPal!

"Great, it was exactly what I was looking for. And it is Open Source!" (Leandro Dardini)

"My only complaint: "Don't Panic!" should be written in larger and friendlier letters." (Muntoo)

"I think this program deserves at least to be tried, because it does a simple job and it does it flawlessly." (

"As far as boss keys go, Don't Panic! truly appears to be the best of its kind. In fact it comes close to being perfect due to the fact that it is lightweight and resource friendly as well as completely free. Assuming you need a boss key for whatever reason, you should look no further than this one." (

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Some of the features of Don't Panic!:
Close, hide or minimize as many programs as you want using the blacklist (by executable filename or keywords present in the window title)
Open up to 3 programs (files) at the same time
Open files with a certain software (other then the one selected as default in Windows)
Predefined software paths (includes paths for all Windows games!)
Run Don't Panic! at Windows startup, block access to Windows Task Manager and mute master volume
Clear some system folders (Recent Files; Internet Explorer history, typed URLs and cache; Recycle Bin) for extra privacy
Panic Mode (complete with customizable size, position, transparency level and hotkey)
WebUpdate (complete with news) and statistic modules
User-friendly UI
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(STABLE) Don't Panic! v3.1.0 (Build 30) has been released!


(STABLE) Don't Panic! v3.0.1 (Build 29) has been released!


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